Social Work Services has suffered enough

Protect Social Work from this latest round of cuts. This Department has taken the biggest hit in recent years (particularly services for people with learning disability and other disabilities) its time that Education and the other big spending departments take a fair share of the pain.

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The Council farm out most care services to the voluntary sector who in general provide exactly the same service Council staff provide in residential services...yet they get a third of the pay for the same job. The cuts in Social Work over the last five years have gone too far. 

The whole voluntary sector in in danger of failure due to constant cuts and its the srvice users at the end of the chain who suffer most.

by concernedcitizen on January 21, 2016 at 03:14PM

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  • Posted by Susan January 25, 2016 at 21:11

    Council staff in residential services not only deal with all aspects of personal care whether elderly or disability as do care workers in private ly run homes but within GCC also administer medication,all aspects of individual care plans and the vast amount of paperwork now, unnecessarily, involved within social care, reviews and assessments etc..and recently added,footcare.The list is endless and mainly the role of the nurses on duty within the private sector so that is why the difference in wage albeit, care staff on a whole are totally undervalued and under paid as someone living with a relative with dementia or a severe disability will tell you as extremely hard caring for one person whereas GCC workers have 10-12 per unit and only one member of staff.
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