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Rather than cut pay and conditions  - should the City Council bean counters not think outside the box and  sell off some of the City’s art collection? (That element bought / owned by the Council)


e.g. One painting - St John on the Cross by Dali at Kelvingrove  - was bought by Tom John Honeyman with £6,000 from the Parks budget  (honest!) – the City of Barcelona recently offered £95 million pounds for it.


The art in Nitshill Resource Centre has been conservatively valued at ten thousand million pounds - if a modicum of this inventory was sold  (equivalent to two or three pictures or vases a year) there would be no need to target the poor workforce.


There may be complaints from a few West End Wendies – but at least the front line services would not be effected.


n.b. Glasgow could negotiate to hold the royalties /copyright for the Dali.

Why the contribution is important

generates income instead of cutting services and targetting the workforce

by dennis on February 03, 2016 at 04:34PM

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