Schools and litter.

Make schools responsible for the removal of litter in their grounds and on any pavements immediately surrounding the school. Much litter is generated around schools - many of whom proudly display the fact that they are eco-schools. Senior management in schools should be held responsible the littering of their students. If schools had their "eco-school" designation removed for persitent littering or were forced to pay a fine out of their budget then pressure would be put on SMT to ensure that educating about the anti-social nature of littering ( and 17 million cost of its removal) would have a higher priority.

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Glasgow's young people are our future. They need to know littering is totally unacceptable and has consequences. Much litter is generated around schools and savings could be made by tackling this much more robustly.

by dexterandgeorgie on February 09, 2016 at 06:52PM

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