Retain Flexi Time / Reduce Leave Allowance

Flexi Working helps workers - more often the lower paid who have to juggle "Work Life Balances" without taking the cut of going part time !

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> I have taken 5 days flexi leave over the past 2 years
--------- 3 for Emergency cover for Childcare due to illness of my young family and 2 when I felt unwell with a Migraine !

If you remove Flexi leave I will have to use "Cover for care of Dependants" and then Sick Leave for Migraines which will be the 1st time I have been off sick in over 7 years 

My Annual Leave is accounted for with one 10 day summer holiday and the rest is used cover for Childcare

I am not a big earner so dont force me out a job I love and am proud of !!!!

by confusedresident on January 31, 2016 at 01:16AM

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  • Posted by Glasgowgirl February 03, 2016 at 22:06

    Surely this makes sense. I can understand why flexi leave shouldn't be seen as an automatic top up to annual leave. However surely it could still be an option to cover family emergencies such as a child's sickness. Otherwise staff most likely women could find work like longer viable or staff will use sick leave to cover children's illness.
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