Reduce Glasgow Museums Opening Hours

Glasgow Museums opening hours could be reduced from current 7 days per week to 6 or even 5 days, e.g. Tue - Sun. The day of closure could be alternated between major museums so that 1 is always open for visitors, or it could be that all are closed on e.g. Mondays for clarity. Many museums elsewhere close 1 day per week. This would save staff costs, while also allowing for better maintenance.



Why the contribution is important

Despite the huge pressure on the City's budget, it is vital that it retain its museums and their holdiangs to stand a chance of continuing to aspire to being a 'world-class city'. The collections are vital to residents and visitors alike. Reducing the opening hours would achieve a saving but protect the core asset and functions.

by KMBrown on February 07, 2016 at 02:05PM

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