Partnership Working with Other Local Authorties

Sharing knowledge and working practices with other authorities to cut down on costs.  Creating one universal app for reporting missed bins, bulk uplifts, reporting road faults and other services  where the front end captures the relevant information and passes to the relevent authority.  Similar to the Scottish Government website for Voting Register.  This would cut down on duplication and costs, as all local authoties are facing similar challenges and can work together as the outcomes are the same for all.



Why the contribution is important

As all local authoties are facing similar challenges this would help with efficiency savings.

This would cut down on duplication, costs and help streamline processes and makes the users experience easier as they would all have the same front end wherever they lived in Scotland for core services that are being provied by all local authorities.

by Chanel on February 12, 2016 at 04:15PM

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