I support the alternative budget proposal of the joint trade unions and Defend Glasgow Services. 

The council has a choice and does not have to make these cuts and accept this budget shortfall from the Scottish government and Westminster. Making these cuts will make the "poverty and inequality" mentioned in your consultation paper worse.  

I suggest the following, the council use more of the reserves and borrowing powers, supported by the legal process of capitalisation to fill the £133 million funding gap over the next two years. I also propose the council take immediate steps to renegotiate and buy out any PFI/PPP contracts.

Raising the council tax would just be another way of spreading these cuts and as your figures show, even raising the council tax by large amounts does not meet the shortfall.  


Why the contribution is important

Taking this stand putting the council on the side of the workforce and communities, rather than the Tories and thier ideological austerity,  would allow time and space to build a mass campaign of councillors, trade unions user groups and local communities with the objective of winnning more money from the Holyrood and Westminster governments. 

by mattdobson on January 20, 2016 at 10:49PM

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