Is The Chambers properly marketed for private functions?

The City Chambers is the best building in the city and known internationally; this may already be happening, but why are The Satinwood Suite (etc) not extensively used for private functions/corporate events/receptions for tourists as is the case in countless impressive buildings worldwide which reap considerable additional revenue?

For that matter, why is it taking so very long to allow advertisers to use the building for advertising campaigns, as is the case with the Houses of Parliament (amongst countless others)?

Lastly, why is the excellent City Chambers tour free and why is there no on-line City Chambers merchandising?

I realize that GCC is obligated as a Local Authority to use the building ethically, but the list of events should surely be reconfigured because one of the city's greatest assets is surely being sold short.


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To generate income.

by comiskeyf on February 10, 2016 at 04:43PM

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