Doubts About City Cleansing

I'm seeing too many wee caged vans belonging to Glasgow City Council's Cleansing dept and they seem to be full of too many guys. I've seen countless wee caged vans where the guy in the back was sleeping. I've seen a wee caged van full of guys where one guy got out and emptied the street bin. And I'm thinking, what the f**k is going on?

I have to question those in charge of Glasgow City Council's Cleansing Dept. If we're talking about serious financial savings then we can no longer pay hingers-oan! And I would suggest that there are a lot of hingers-on in this city's so-called cleansing dept!

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You have to carry out an investigation into what exactly is going on in Glasgow City Council's Cleansing Dept. Too many guys pretending; too many guys doing nothing and having a wee sleep in the back of vans, and old-school managers who clearly have not got a clue!

by EdwardBurns on February 08, 2016 at 10:32PM

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  • Posted by FeeW February 09, 2016 at 09:14

    Can anyone advise if all council vehicles, including the wee caged vans, are fitted with tracker devices? I know of another Council who have tracking devices and it has been shown that they often detour...for tea breaks, to shopping centres etc. I don't deny them their tea break but when big, unaccounted for detours are being made then, questions have to be asked.
  • Posted by CtrlAltDel February 09, 2016 at 16:27

    Same applies to ANYONE who is using a business vehicle. The amount of times I've seen Police cars stop outside Greggs or Subway so they can get their lunch? It's allowed surely.......or else we fit tracker devices to every single business vehicle EVER.

    People have to eat, stop being jealous of other workers just because you don't have a vehicle to take you to the shop for lunch.
  • Posted by dexterandgeorgie February 09, 2016 at 18:58

    I would like to see an end to the depositing of the contents of litter bins into council plastic bags, which are then left on the street for hours - sometimes overnight. This practice often results in split bags spilling rubbish all over the surrounding area.
    Surely it does not take a genius to know that this is totally inefficient.
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