Cold in the office/school/building??

A particular gripe of mine. Heating the councils offices and schools is a major expenditure. Why is it that when it is a bit cold - staff want the heating cranked up. It is usually such staff (tends to be women!) who are wearing a t-shirt/thin shirt/strappy top who want the heating turned up - and the temperature is currently at its design temperature of 21 degC. WHY NOT PUT ON A JUMPER??

All office buildings and educational establishments should be made to display the amount spent of heating/electricity for the month against the same month of the previous year. Raise awareness of it so that it is then carried out at home.  I worked for the British Forces in Germany and the entrance to one RAF station displayed its energy bill with the strapline 'In many ways, you pay' - if the energy bill wasnt reduced, new facilities didnt get built or provided for.

We have fleeces in our office. If it's cold, we put them on! Maybe the council should print off posters with 'COLD? Put on a jumper!'

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Energy consumption is a major expense to the council and people seem to think nothing of cranking up the thermostat. Temperatures have been monitored in offices of 27degC (design temp is 21 degC) and the occupants STILL think its not warm enough!!!

by FeeW on February 11, 2016 at 11:29AM

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  • Posted by CtrlAltDel February 11, 2016 at 12:36

    I don't think it's possible for the council to achieve any more of a saving in this area than they already do! Heating is switched off in the summer months and only comes on again in September. I often have to sit with my jumper on and sit on my hands to keep them warm (counter-productive!?)
    Maybe if the heating systems used in many offices weren't so out-dated, it wouldn't be such an effort to moderate it.
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