Allow more flexibility to move from redundant posts

It seems that there are currently too many Social Care Workers within Elderly Services as it seems obvious that Glasgow City Council are looking to replace many of these posts with Social Care Assistants. Residential Childrens Homes are currently recruiting and seem to have been short staff for a long while and these positions could be filled with staff from Elderly services. Unfortunately, although Glasgow City Council claim to promote a work life balance for their staff, the only positions available within Residential Childcare are full time day and three nights night shift which does not suit the many woman employed within Residential Childcare or the majority of  SCWs, where it would make sense to move from SCW posts within Elderly to Residential Childcare,  as the majority of SCWs currently work part time day or two night shifts per week. It would make sense to offer part time/ full time day posts and two or three night posts to SCWs as then there would be no need to continually employ new staff within Residential Childcare or make SCWs redundant. Residential Childcare currently operate a rota which only accommodates 30 hour (3 night shifts) or full time day shift but this could easily be changed to accommodate 20 hour night posts and job share day posts  and who would also be more likely to cover overtime.

Why the contribution is important

1. It would mean that many SCWs posts could be transferred and jobs not lost.

2. It would save on advertising for Residential Childcare positions and if Residential Childcare staff had more flexibility and employed both full and part time staff through the day and two or three night shifts per week rather than the current full time day/ three nights per week, then they would be more likely to work overtime to cover holidays etc.

3. I personally know many workers within Residential childcare who would like the opportunity to work less hours both day and nights and I know many SCWs who currently work part time day shift and two nights night shift who would like the opportunity to move from Elderly sercices to Residential Childcare but do not apply for jobs as always full time day shift and 3 night night shift which is often too much for woman with family committments or single parents.

by Mariah on February 02, 2016 at 05:12PM

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