accountabilty for hours paid

Child Development Officerrs in term time nurseries are paid an additional 35hrs per year  pro rata to their contractual hours which is meant to be use for professional development. However heads of nursery have no say in how they hours are used and staff are not obliged to record or account for how these hours are worked. How can we  be sure the council is getting value for money for these paid but unnaccountable hours.

Why the contribution is important

The council needs to be sure that every penny spent on salaries is used appropriately.  At least  half  of these 35hours could be used for  mandatory training days for all establishment staff  at the end of the summer break which would not involve closing the nursery to pupils.  This would help drive up the quality of provision and give best value for money.


by smileyface on February 13, 2016 at 09:03AM

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