Glasgow's budget for local services remains under increased pressure as tough economic conditions continue to impact local government.

This has meant the council has had to both reduce its spending and try to increase its income in order to balance its budget; which it is legally required to do.

The Scottish Government's settlement for local government in 2016/17 includes a cash reduction of £53 million. Coupled with budget pressures of £33 million, this means the council has a budget shortfall of £86 million in the next financial year.

When added to an estimated shortfall of £47 million forecast for 2017/18, the requirement for savings over the next two years is £133 million.

In making budget decisions, nobody is more important than you - the citizens who depend on the services the council provides.

The elected members of Glasgow City Council will take decisions on setting the budget on March 10, 2016. As well as ideas that you might have, the council's professional officers will continue to make suggestions that councillors will consider.

The council thanks you for all the ideas and suggestions made. This consultation is now closed.

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