Where services provided are subsidised, they should be made cost neutral

It seems somewhat contradictory that in times of austerity  service users with the means to pay a cost neutral charge for service provision continue to  access services subsidised by Glasgow City Council. 

It would appear reasonable that where this occurs G.C.C should  actively seek to acheive a cost neutral standing thereby increasing revenue available to G.C.C.  

Why the contribution is important

Services that are accessed by only a small minortity of Glasgow Citizens continuing to be subsidised when speading gaps of £56 m may need to be achieved could reasonably be understood to be at best contradictory and at worst  discriminatory.

Services citwide have felt the impact of the ongoing austere finaicial climate and it is unreasonable that specific service users continue to put an additional finaicial burden onto Glasgow City Council.  

This must be addressed.

by Creedy on January 10, 2018 at 04:16PM

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  • Posted by ColinM_GCC January 16, 2018 at 13:32

    Thanks Creedy.
    Do you have any particular services in mind? Arguably most services are supported by the taxpayer to some extent.

    Anyone else with a view on what we should and shouldn't charge for?
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