Tourism Tax

Why do we not introduce a levy of some sort on toursits coming into the city.  A number of high profile cities across the world do this, and it covers the additional costs associated with things like cleansing, roads etc.,.  This doesn't have to be a huge charge, but even at £5 per head, based on 100,000 tourists a year would be £500,000. 

Other countries charge anywhere from 1 euro per day upwards.  

Many suggest this is an unfair charge because tourists already pay costs of hotels etc.,. My argument to that is that the charge is minimal, and although hotels etc., will pay council tax rates etc., but that doesn't cover the costs of tourists using our roads, and public amenities, which in Glasgow are still free!


Why the contribution is important

The City Council needs to raise income and this is one simple way of doing it.  

The charge can be collected via hotels etc., so no additional administration of another department is required, and can be collected as part of their rates bill.  

For Glasgow to maintain it's free at point of use services such as museums etc., and for the costs of repairs to roads etc., to be met, the money has to come from somewhere.  So instead of any reductions to schools budgets or other vital services, then why not ask those who benefit from our great city to contribute back into that by a very small amount.

by mbellshaw on January 19, 2018 at 11:33AM

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