Replace Council Tax with proeprty Value tax or similar

The Scottish Greens proposed a very good alternative to the unfair council tax.

The council tax does not work, The SNP said they were going to get rid of it 10 years ago yet we still have a tax based on valuations from over two decades ago. We need a fairer local tax now to pay for local services and improvements.


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Council tax is antiquated and does not work for the majority.

by colinmk on January 10, 2018 at 09:55PM

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  • Posted by swanny January 26, 2018 at 20:19

    Although the Greens proposal does appear interesting is property tax the way forward? How will that be any different from council tax in 30 years time? who will decide on the yearly updated property values and will these be in line with local estate agents valuations? If not would this impact on property selling if the property tax is set above or below what an independent valuation states the property would be worth? Council tax is unfair and bias and in my opinion highly fraudulent. Despite getting the proof of what my property sold for in the 1St quarter on 1991, I have appealed and been told despite the Assessors rules clearly stating that is how the banding is made the Assessors at Glasgow council now tell me its irrelevant and they have to take the local area and neighbouring properties into consideration. I am band B, but I should be band A going on the purchase price at the time of council tax creation and this is disregarded. There is no sure way that yearly updated values won't do the same thing

    My neighbours in the eastend scheme we all share are also in the wrong banding but changing mine would mean changing an additional 100 or so properties so they refuse. Meanwhile other property the same size make and design 3 streets from mine are band A, less than 5 minutes walk. Other later 2 bed 1960 council semi detached houses are band c but most sickening of all is the brand new Bellway 4 bedroom detached houses with integrated garages are band D TO E and brand new purpose build social housing flats and bungalows at the top of my street share a band B rating the same as my 1920s 4 apt 4 in a block flat.

    Point is property tax is unfair in anyform, new build social housing flats in Cathcart currently with band E council tax, less than the historic sandstone townhouses beside it. For anyone with no entitlement to council tax rebate they cant aford it. People don't always choose or have control over the property they live in.

    Higher taxs for people busting a gut to do better in life or trying their God damn hardest to change their own situations, is this really fair to make.them pay more even if it is the Greens state £24 per year more, its still unfair and targets the middle earners with no benefit entitlement.

    Scrap free prescriptions, I can afford to pay for my prescription and would be happy to if this subsidy was diverted elsewhere. Scrap free school meals for all, return to means testing. Stop the waste that is produced daily from school dinner left overs. Allow them to have a shelf life of more than just one day.

    And in terms of equality stop automatically paying dhp for bedroom tax for all social tenants or do the right thing and roll this subsidy right out in to the private rented sector aswell. The ones with less security of tenure and easier laws to recover properties from. Stop leaving those most in need on the side lines with no security and having to apply every other month, give them the yearly security private tenants enjoy.

    Inequality is rife in Scotland but more publicised to Pacific demographics of the market.
    Allow subsidy for mortgage relief, let those most deprived control their own destiny, allow them to choose home ownership if they wish.

    Its no longer a game of Robin Hood these days, every one is poor, u earn more u r expected to pay more. U dont and cut back, choose cheaper alternatives and the goal posts change, ur better off now so u have to move or pay more. Glasgow city council do the right and decent thing for all residents and not just the minority groups. We all have a rights and you are failing to ensure these rights are looked after.
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