Council tax increase for higher bands

We as a city have more people in lower council tax bands than other councils. We need to be careful we don't squeeze them more.

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Increasing band E and above slightly would generate more income in a fairer way.

by Smcgra11 on December 30, 2017 at 09:16AM

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  • Posted by ColinM_GCC January 04, 2018 at 14:33

    Hello – that’s an interesting idea, but not one councils have the legal power to implement. We’ll probably take a closer look at Council Tax over on the budget blog soon, but here’s the gist of it …

    Councils are required to set a charge for Band D, which is viewed as the average, nationally – although you are quite right to say it is not the average in Glasgow.

    The Council Tax bill for every other band is a proportion of that Band D figure, and the proportion is decided by the Scottish Government and set down in law.

    So, for example, Council Tax at Band A must be 67% of the Band D charge in every council area across Scotland – just as Council Tax at Band H must be 245%.

    The Scottish Government changed these percentages just over a year ago – with bands A to D frozen and E to H paying an increased percentage compared to previous years. However, because there are relatively few homes in these bands in Glasgow, this does not generate as much additional income as in some other areas.
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