Charity events being held in parks shouldn't cost the Council.

Charities using the Parks to raise a lot of money are causing damage to the Parks. The repair of the damage is being paid for by the Council. Bellahouston Park raises a lot of money for Glasgow with the Summer Sessions but the Park needs to be maintained to a high standard for this to continue. In 2017 over a 100 man hours of work was wasted because of events taking place too soon after the repair work had taken place.  Better communications between the Local area, Community Councils and within LES to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Why the contribution is important

To save time, effort and money. To look after the Parks so that they can continue to be a great source of money for the Council and Glasgow. By having people in the local area being able to pinpoint where and when the damage is happening, this will save the Council time and therefore money. Have Park NIV's.

by stypark on December 29, 2017 at 10:12PM

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