During the last budget consultation respondents identified a number of services which they would like to see prioritised and protected. These included services for vulnerable groups, early intervention, the local environment and voluntary and community groups. 

Question 1: Do you have any other priorities to add to those identified in previous budget conversations, particularly any gaps?

Income Generation

In previous years people identified new ways the council could generate additional income including;

  • Increasing council tax by 3%
  • Introducing a tourism tax
  • Charging for bulk uplifts
  • Introducing overnight and Sunday parking charges

An increase in council tax of 3%, the maximum allowed under a Scottish Government cap was introduced in 2017.

Question 2: Are there any other ways we could generate additional income?

Partnership Working

Previous participants believed that partnership working was a key area and would lead to improvements locally.  People specifically mentioned bringing together complementary services in local areas through co-location in prominent and accessible facilities. 

Over the last year, the Council has started to deliver advice and revenue services in local libraries. 

Question 3:  Thinking about services provided in your local area by different organisations and groups, which do you think could be improved by bringing them together and delivering them in this way?

10 ideas