Sort out Glasgow's Public Transport!

• Set-up a publicly-owned bus company for Glasgow (like Lothian Buses) and start taking over our bus
routes one-by-one. Use profits from busy routes to reinstate essential services axed by First and
Stagecoach and re-invest in a publicly-owned fleet of low emissions electric buses to serve us all.
• Force private bus and train companies to accept SPT’s smartcard and roll-out integrated ticketing
across all public transport: Subway, trains, buses and bike hire without delay.
• Roll-out bike hire stations to all parts of the city and ensure that concessionary travel card holders can
also have free access.
• Cease all new road building (such as the £60million committed to the East End Regeneration Route) and
instead deliver on ambitious plans for expanding public transport: Crossrail, GARL and the East End
Subway extension. Re-open all Glasgow’s derelict rail lines and tunnels to become part of our network.
• Develop a coordinated long-term vision for our city’s public transport network, where Subway, trains, buses and bikes no longer “compete” on the same routes, but instead work together to make everyone’s
journeys quicker, easier, more affordable and sustainable; making us all happier and healthier.

Why the contribution is important

Most people in Glasgow rely on public transport to get around (only 49% of households have cars), yet our public transport network is a total mess:
• Private bus companies continue to cut our vital services and increase fares so that they’re completely
unaffordable, sucking profits out in the process.
• Glasgow Subway (built in 1896) still only serves a tiny area of our city and is the only underground in the
whole world never to have been extended:
• Our overground trains are operated by a company (Abellio) owned by the Dutch state (not ours!)
• And our bike hire is run by a private company (Nextbike GmbH) based in Germany...
Compare this to Edinburgh, where publicly-owned Lothian Buses are popular with residents offering a
comprehensive service and affordable fares.
And compare this to London, where publicly-owned Transport for London operate a fully-integrated
network with “Oystercard” smartcard tickets (in use since 2003) making it so simple to change between
buses, tubes, trains and bikes. They also have ambitious plans for expansion over the coming
decades: Glasgow deserves better!

by ellieharrison on October 18, 2016 at 04:08PM

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