Reward not punish

Glasgow City Council spends thousands of pounds picking up litter which people could have placed in a bin.

I've observed countless occasions where people drop litter at bus stops / pavements / takeaways / from their cars and the excuse is often along the lines of 'someone gets paid to pick it up' or 'it keeps someone in a job’

This attitude badly needs to change, and continuing to fix this problem isn't the solution, we need to change Glasweigans attitudes.

My idea is that GCC start a scheme of positive reinforcement and replace 'on the spot fines' with 'on the spot rewards' for positive behaviour. This could be a very interesting PR opportunity and perhaps local supermarkets could assist with the rewards (£10 gift vouchers) or similar. #Peoplemakeglagowdirty #Peoplemakeglasgowcleaner

People can use social media as a tool to promote these moments and hopefully word of mouth about the surprise advantages might spread. If an areas particularly messy then perhaps rewards could be matched with an additional community benefit added on - so the person / people responsible are giving something back to their local community.

Positive reinforcement seems like the way forward and ensuring people understand money can be spent on many positive things as a result of their actions.

Why the contribution is important

It focuses money on positive activities and takes it away from negative ones.

Almost all efforts have not changed peoples behaviour and often focused on resolving the problem.

We now live in an age of social media and can use this to our advantage to spread positive messages, champion better role models and spread the word. I

I've often heard stories about how a whole street would work together in winter to clear the pavement of snow to ensure the paths were safe for elderly to walk. Now there is an expectation that someone else should do this and that spirit has been lost.

I suggest we re-galvanising that spirit by talking about positive stories rather than the usual approach of punishing people.

This action could pave the way for many people to feel much more involved in their community and perhaps have a 'feel good factor' for working with others to make things better.

by JaneyB on October 04, 2016 at 02:15PM

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