The council thanks you for all the ideas and suggestions made. THE BUDGET CONVERSATION 2017 - 8 IS NOW CLOSED.

In January 2016 we started a conversation with you about the services you value and also to discuss your ideas on how to save money, or generate more to invest in priorities. 

Your priorities at that time were investing in:

  • Vulnerable people
  • Early intervention approaches
  • The local environment
  • Support for voluntary and community groups
  • Shared services with other public sector bodies and partnership working;  and
  • Locating city services in community hubs.

During the last consultation we also talked about how we could work together to improve some of these services and we want to explore that further with you now.

We need your ideas in the following areas:

Other Priorities


  1. Do you have any other priorities to add to those identified in January 2016, particularly any gaps?

Local Improvements and Working Together

  1. If people in your street or neighbourhood could come together to improve or achieve one thing, what would it be?
  2. How could the council, its partners and other organisations support you to do that?

31 ideas