workers in all section should be able to do some sign langues

All workers across the council should be able to learn sign languages as they never know when they will be dealing with a deaf customer or worker in council and also help them understand what it like for us that cant hear too well or cant really alway lip read and keep hearing aids in all time.


Like nosies in office is give me sore ears and headaces and the fact is cant alway make out what ppl are saying i trying hard to lipread so this is a eg of why employee should learn signing.


Why the contribution is important

this is so that if my ears hurt and cant wear hearing aid or if got tinnus in ear cant hear well and this save lot time try to work out what being said.  this is also good idea that if i wasnt here and there deaf person here they can communite with them.

by martinl on June 27, 2018 at 04:35PM

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